Jollene Loses Weight

NO excuses. WTFU! Jollene- 25yrs Virginia Height: 5'5" HW: 215 SW: 200
LW: 175 CW:156.0 TOTAL Loss: 59lbs Loss since starting this time: 44lbs

GW: 190 Sometime over lent GW: 180 5/4/11 GW: 170 6/22/11
GW: 16010/11 UGW: 150 TBD
~ Tuesday, May 24 ~


Okay. I had my biopsy on Friday & received my results today.

100% benign! YAY! I’m a-okay. Thank you for all your kind words, prayers, and good vibes.

Now if the bruising & tenderness would go away I’ll be extra super duper ecstatic.

Please do not click through this if you have a weak stomach. SERIOUSLY! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m posting this for my own record. To know that even through something like this (which isn’t too bad) I still kept up my healthy habits. I didn’t stress eat or give up the gym. But yeah, it looks like I was attacked by a zombie. haha. It only really hurts if something bumps it or if I use my arms too much. Its more of an eww kinda thing.

PS- Please check your breasts regularly. Even if you’re young.

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  1. augustus-gloop said: It matches your nails ! (my first thoughts) and “oh shit thats scary” (to the situation) and *feels self up*
  2. blankmoments said: oh wow that looks painful! I’m glad you’re alright though! and your nails look amazing!! :P
  3. regainingmymoxy said: I am glad all is well. And having someone mess with your breasts takes time to recover. I had a breast reduction - literally could not lift arms for six weeks. Hope this gets better quickly. Again so happy for you. So happy!!
  4. size12 said: You were so amazingly strong during this. It’s so inspiring.
  5. snapthistiger said: so glad you are going to be ok. on a lighter note, it’s too bad you aren’t closer or i could give that bruise a good massage (only joking of course).
  6. pickyourhard said: I am so so so so SO glad to hear that!
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